MIA Bracelets

Made In Antwerp 

Our MIA bracelets are a Summers must-have and the perfect gift for every occasion. You can choose how many diamonds and size of diamonds you would like to add, as well as choosing between 23 different colours.
You are always welcome at our shop to come and change the colour of the MIA depending on the season or mood.

You can purchase individual stones throughout the years and add them to the original MIA, a perfect idea for gifts for friends and family. If one day you would like to make a bespoke piece of jewllery with the diamonds from your MIA, we are very happy to assist you in picking or creating something new.

  • MIA Bracelet - 0.03ct Diamonds
    MIA Bracelet - 0.03ct Diamonds - Direggio Jewellery
  • MIA Bracelets - 0.14ct Diamonds
    MIA Bracelets - 0.14ct Diamonds - Direggio Jewellery
  • MIA Bracelets - 0.30ct Diamonds
    MIA Bracelets - 0.30ct Diamonds - Direggio Jewellery