Our History

Direggio was founded in Antwerp’s Diamond District over 30 years ago by childhood best friends, soon to be brother-in-laws, and two of the city’s most experienced jewellers, Reggy Van Meirhaeghe and Dirk Vingerhoets.

Coming from a long line of skilled diamond cutters, Reggy inherited invaluable knowledge and expertise from his grandfather, Leon, and father, Antoine, which led to the opening of our family’s first jewellery store, Direggio.

This wealth of experience and passion for creating exceptional, quality pieces underpins the craftsmanship found in our Antwerp and Porto stores to this day.


Leon sits in the middle with Antoine to his left and Reggy (our founder) to his right. In their arms are Reggy’s sons, Matthias and Arno.

Direggio Today

While our Antwerp store continues to thrive under the watchful eye of Reggy, Dirk and Matthias, Arno, and his Portuguese partner, Teresa Symington Caxide, have continued the family legacy by expanding Direggio to Portugal.
Arno opened our second jewellery store in 2020 in Foz, Porto, bringing 4 generations of diamond expertise and an innovative sparkle to the traditional Portuguese market.

Timeless innovation sits at the core of Direggio’s philosophy, and our diamonds are now cut using technology to ensure the highest precision and clarity. As has been the process for 30 years, every piece is then handcrafted into a unique keepsake by our expert team in our original Antwerp atelier.