Direggio was established in 1993 in Antwerp, Belgium by two of the most experienced jewelers in the city and childhood friends (soon to be brothers-in-law), Reggy Van Meirhaeghe and Dirk Vingerhoets. Reggy came from a long line of established diamond cutters, his father, Antoine, and grandfather, Leon, who each led their own teams in some of the most established ateliers in Antwerp. They passed down their acquired knowledge, passion and expertise of the delicate craftsmanship through the generations to Reggy who pioneered to open the family’s first own jewellery shop, Direggio.

4 Generations

Here you have pictured the four generations. Leon, from the first generation sitting in the middle. His son Antoine to his left and his grandson Reggy to his right. The two children are Matthias and Arno, the latest generation to start working in the company.

Reggy’s son, Arno, 4th generation jeweler and his Portuguese girlfriend, Teresa Symington Caxide, decided to continue his family legacy and expand Direggio to Portugal, Porto where his accumulated knowledge along the 4 generations has brought an original and invigorating vision of jewelry to Portugal. A lot has changed since Direggio was established and the diamonds are now cut using technology ensuring the highest precision and clarity. However, creating unique jewelry has remained at the core of Direggio’s philosophy and once the diamonds are cut, each piece is entirely hand-crafted by the most experienced team in the 1993 Atelier.